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It is the first recording work; promoted by the Associazione Culturale Musica Mania, produced and suboject by Giovanni Peduto and Giuseppe Di Pasca. Revenge, is the first step of more phases, for united to music and graphic art. It is true that the album cover is hand-drawn by Silvia Sperduta Grafica graphics, a photographic booklet created by Roberta Ricciardi.

The theme is inspired by Goethe's phrase: "The most cruel revenge is the contempt of every possible revenge." The whole thing wants to represent the essence of man who frees himself from the inertia of his oppressions (physical, mental, social) abandoning the places of memory, giving rise to a revenge, creating a ransom through revenge that can lead to a zero point from which to start again. In this regard, the project itself is also a symbol of denunciation and redemption of its territory of origin, such as Cilento and neighboring territories. Represented by the creation of a musical concept album, the work also avails itself of an important artistic musical collaboration, Luca Colombo, special guest for the song "Every", former guitarist of the Sanremo Festival orchestra, Eros Ramazzotti, Nek and other Big.

Classic Rock Magazine Italy The historic magazine, Classic Rock Magazine Italy, the first Rock music magazine, selected the Sirius in December 2017 thanks to their videoclip of the song Every, as one of the best emerging rock bands on the current Italian scene, publishing a their photos among the other bands, in January, won the contest of the same magazine, allowing him to have an exclusive full-page interview next to the great rock history.

Composed and arrangements: Peduto; Di Pasca.
Lyrics: Peduto
Instrumentalist studio: Pasquale Venturiello (bass); Adia (voice); Guido Consolmagno (acoustic guitar); Luca Colombo (electric guitar)

Recording: Studio Music and Music by Aniello Anzalone; Audio Mastering by Mattia D'Amato at BEDrecords

Cover Art: Silvia SPerduta Illustrations
Booklet CD/Ooak: Roberta Ricciardi
VideoClip: Bogher Rahati Nover
Comic: Simona Simone
Screenplay Comics: Andrea Gallo Lassere