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Name, Project Sirius Music&ArtVision (Sirius)
Artist Joe Peduto (2015 - ... ) // Josh Di Pasca (2015-2018)
Country Italy, Salerno
Genre Art Rock - Progressive - Ambient - Exeperimental Rock - Electro Rock
Language English
Inspiration Alan Parsons Project - Pink Floyd - Daft Punk - Mike Oldfield - Genesis
Period 2015 - Today
Album CD: Revenge 2017*
Single Digital: Don't Believe in Love 03.05.2019*
Other Work Comic: Revenge the other side
Live 22: 2017: n°8 - 2018: n° 14
Festival Radici Fest (Aquara, Sa)
  Tieni il Palco (Casalecchio di Reno, Bo)
  Sanremo Rock (Sanremo)
  Woody Groove (Potenza)
  Tour Music Fest (Napoli)
Premi Premio Emersione (Sanremo Rock, pubb. Singolo Feltrinelli, Mondadori)
  Single “Every” in backgroud Shopvillage di Reno
  Contest e Interview su Classic Rock Magazine Italia
Radio released 07.05.19 single “Every”
  released oct-dec 2017 single “Don't Believe in Love”
Interviews 22
Featuring Luca Colombo (Live, Studio)
Open Act in Progress


"I propose a hetero and experimental sound on the heels of the Alan Parsons Project" (by Onda Musicale)  "Among the best multimedia rock groups growing in Italy" (by Classic Rock Magazine) "Appreciated by the Italian fans of the Alan Parsons Project" (by Italian Fan Page of the A.P.P.)

nspired by the song, by the British band The Alan Parsons Project, the Sirius, born from an idea by Joe Peduto, (Guitar / Voice) and Josh Di Pasca, (Keyboards / Voice), today with only Joe Peduto manager, proposes an artistic project multimedia, with the aim of merging music and visual art. From December 2015 to March 2017, they prepare their first album, a sort of balance between progressive, electronic and rock, in English. (Revenge)

Revenge, published 2017 is first album, A real concept album, with a central theme inspired by Goethe's phrase: "The most cruel revenge is the contempt of every possible revenge." Everything wants to represent the essence of man who frees himself from the inertia of his oppressions (physical, mental, social) leaving the places of memory, giving life to a revenge, creating a ransom through revenge that can lead to a point zero from which to start again. In this regard, the project itself is also a symbol of denunciation and redemption of its territory of origin, such as Cilento and neighboring territories. The musical work also makes use of an important artistic collaboration, Luca Colombo, for the song "Every", former guitarist of the Sanremo Festival orchestra, Eros Ramazzotti, Nek and other Big.

Thankful to single "Every"

  • they has in background into the shopvillage from Bologna, the song Every.


  • They played at the Sanremo Rock Festival, as award the publication at Feltrinelli and Mondadori Store, of the single Every in a compilation.
  • For Classic Rock Magazine, they are among the best emerging band in Italy.


Work in Progress.

A comic strip will be made on the history of Revenge, subjected by Joe and Josh, drawing by Simona Simone, Screenplay by Andrea Gallo Lassere. On the comics will be made a video clip animation, curated by Trunk Animayin of London, creators of Rattle That Lock by D. Gilmour (in tractative)